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Wednesday Dinners at the Rec!

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Youth Sunday


Be a Savvy Ally


Blood Drive September 29th

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World Communion

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Advent Devotionals

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A Faith-Based Look at a Post-Roe Future: Tools for Navigating a New Reality

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Flower Fund


Equal Exchange

Upcoming Events & Community Glimpses: Programs
Upcoming Events & Community Glimpses: Image
Upcoming Events & Community Glimpses: Image

Happenings in Our Community

Come here for information on organizations we support and opportunities to serve and show up for our community.

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Today more 99 percent of all plastics come from hydrocarbons derived from
crude oil, natural gas, and coal—i.e, fossil fuels.

BAD NEWS: 91% of plastic waste globally isn’t recycled. Only ½ of all plastics are
designed to be used just once. One study estimates we will have more plastic
than fish in the ocean by 2050.
The US is a huge contributor. .We can’t just ship our plastic scrap to poorer
countries (many now refuse it)— It’s true: There is no such thing as “away.”
GOOD NEWS: every effort to reduce single use plastic helps—clean & reuse
plastic bags (esp. “clean” ones like those lining cereal boxes, for ex.); buy and use
glass containers (glass is infinitely recyclable). Etc.!
Urge businesses to cut down on packaging and to commit to nontoxic reusables.
Urge necessary single-use items to be recyclable or compostable.
It can be done! Seattle—1 st US city to initiated NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC ban
Canada plans Banning single use plastics by end of 2023.
Costa Rica Has Banned Styrofoam.
Work with lawmakers: ask them to pass the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act,
reintroduced by OR senator Jeff Merkeley & CA representative Alan Lowenthal in 2021.
(See The Solving Plastic Issue of YES!, Journalism for People Building a better
World, summer 2021 & Sierra, Spring 2022)

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Shelter Needs

Donations needed for HomeStart Shelter for Women and Families as well as Community House Shelter for Men.

Click the image to see the list!


Items needed for the Community Market

Be a Part of Real Change

Upcoming Events & Community Glimpses: Get Involved

Session & Deacons

Session: Diana Barefoot, Kristin Bowers,  Babbie Cameron, Kurt Elia, Alex Hawkins,

Carolyn Ikenberry, Kate Scott, Beth Welton, Allen Wilcox
Deacons: find us here

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