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Justice and Peace Committee

The Justice and Peace Committee (JPC) has long been an expression of The Church of Reconciliation’s commitment to the poor and marginalized. We are guided by Jesus Christ’s gratuitous love for all. With our words, actions, and financial commitments we strive to further the Rec's efforts to participate in the universal and wholistic redeeming love of God.


The Justice and Peace Committee is the organizational group within The Rec tasked with insuring that we, as a church, are attentive to both the breadth and the materiality of God’s redeeming work. JPC seeks to be a prophetic voice supporting organizations and movements that cultivate justice and peace; while also denouncing systems and practices that perpetuate poverty, marginalization, violence and oppression.

The session of The Church of Reconciliation annually commits a significant portion of its operational budget to the Justice and Peace Committee. All of those within the congregation who wish to participate in JPC then allocate those funds to local and international organizations. Traditionally we have supported both organizations that provide social services to those on the margins and organizations that work to transform the structures that relegate some to the margins of society.

The priorities and projects that JPC supports financially and operationally evolve and change as issues develop and as congregational involvement in actions grows and develops. In our recent past JPC has played an integral role in the Church of Reconciliation’s commitments to Sanctuary, Living Wage employment, the denunciation of torture, Equal Exchange, Jubilee, and the Presbyterian Peace Church designation. We also contribute money and volunteer hours to several organizations that are making important contributions to criminal justice reform. And we have provided longstanding financial and practical support to The Inter Faith Council, Orange Congregations in Mission, Durham Congregations in Action, Justice United, and Durham Congregations, Associations and Neighborhoods.

JPC also works closely with several support groups within The Church of Reconciliation. The current support groups within the Rec are Africa Support, Salaam-Shalom Israel/Palestine Support, and the Reconciliation Peace Community. JPC welcomes all who share these concerns and who wish to gather together with others in order to wrestle with what it means to live lives that are reflective of God’s never-ending grace.


Where our support goes

Social Justice and acting as God’s presence on earth are  core values of the Rec.  JPC is a principal manifestation of those values keeping the congregation grounded in the idea of servant leadership, concern for the least of these, and a welcoming attention to the stranger. JPC’s role is to both nurture a culture of peace and just reciprocity within the church, and extend that fullness of life to the wider community around us.


Advocacy for all ages

From worship services to marches, from direct assistance to financial support, JPC values the efforts of old and young, bold and shy,...all God's children are welcome at whatever we do.


Reconciliation Peace Committee


Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Church

PPF is proud to connect and support churches who declare themselves Peace Churches.
After using these study materials, some churches found their conversations about scripture, war and violence evoked in them a deeper sense conviction and awakening. While the church universal has adhered to the theology of Just War for more than a millennium, Peace Churches are those who began to question whether such a theology is consistent with the scripture and our ministry of reconciliation to which we are called. In 2018, the PC(USA) voted to recognize those churches that declare themselves Peace Churches.
Within the PC(USA), these currently include First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto, CA, Montclair Presbyterian Church in Oakland, CA, Church of Reconciliation in Chapel Hill, NC and Rutgers Presbyterian Church in New York City.

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