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Near the Finish Line!

To members of the Rec community: Here is the PNC Team -- unanimously selecting who we feel God is calling to the Rec. You will get to cast your vote as well. The PNC asks that you be present with us on September 12 immediately following worship for a Congregational Meeting. We will report on our candidate selection process and provide details on the person our group has been called to select as the next pastor of the Church of Reconciliation. You will get to ask questions and ultimately vote to approve the terms of call. If you will be worshipping via Zoom on that Sunday, no worries. A link will be sent out to all for the meeting, and you will be able to submit questions and vote virtually, too. Thank you for all the ways you supported us throughout this process. We took this important responsibility to heart and felt all your prayers along the way. Join us on the 12th!

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The PNC continues to interview candidates for the next pastor of our church. The process is going well, and we appreciate the ongoing prayers and support from the congregation.

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