Prayground at The Rec

A space for even our youngest worshippers to get the most out of Sunday morning.


Children and Youth in Worship

Where everyone is welcome.


You and your children are always welcome at The Rec.

We understand that children can be sometimes wiggly and noisy. It's okay; we're glad you, and they, are here. 

Here are ideas to help make the most out of worship as a family:

  • Sit where you like, especially on the aisle or up front so children are able to see.

  • There is a quiet room in the back of the Sanctuary with books, fidget toys, and activities for children as well as comfortable seating for chest feeding.

  • There are activity bags for children to take to the pew with them.

  • Nursery is available at any time during the service for children 6 and under. Ask a greeter for help locating it.

  • Explain what is happening during worship and what is coming next. Let children cross things off in the bulletin as they happen.

  • Allow children to participate in the offering by putting your contribution or putting in a gift of their own. A picture drawn for God is appropritate!

  • Help children follow along with hymns and songs.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, relax and be at peace. We know that God made children to be full of energy and excitement. Welcome!


We believe that our youth are full members of our worshiping community.

They are encouraged to share their gifts with us for they have a lot to give.

Ways our youth participate in Worship at The Rec:

  • Sharing musical talents

  • Signing in the New Voices Choir

  • Being Lay Liturgists

  • Acolyting

  • Working on the Tech Team

  • Greeting

  • Collecting the Offering

  • Welcoming Guests

  • Bell ringing

  • ...and so much more!