Salaam Shalom

Who We Are:  

Salaam Shalom is the Israel-Palestine support group of the Church of Reconciliation.  

Our members have been to Israel.  Our members have been to Palestine.  We have witnessed the occupation with our own eyes.  We have prayerfully studied and continue to follow credible documents and web-sites such as those from B'Tselem and others listed on our resources page. We have read Ha'aretz, the Israeli English-language newspaper, which reports both sides of the tragedy. 

Our Calling:

In the spirit of Reconciliation and Love—Salaam Shalom is dedicated to inform, Educate, Advocate, and otherwise Act—to achieve an immediate end to the Israeli Occupation of Palestine—and a lasting Peace with equal justice for all in Israel and Palestine. 

Our Mission:

We join wholeheartedly with the Action of the 217th PCUSA General Assembly, which calls upon the church to work through peaceful means.  

  • We are passionate in our refusal to accept the Israeli-Palestine situation, one that continues to worsen in plain sight. 

  • We refuse to accept the American mainstream media as our primary source of information; it does NOT adequately call attention to this ongoing tragedy.

  • We refuse to accept the continued unconditional provision of US military aid to Israel.

The mission and work of Salaam Shalom is in full agreement with Kairos Palestine, a prayerful call of Palestinian Christians to End the Occupation; it does not argue with Israel's right to exist, but it calls for an end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.