Presbyterian Church (USA)

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


A labyrinth is a spiritual tool and symbol. Many people wonder what is the difference between a labyrinth and a maze. A maze is a puzzle designed to confuse and challenge the mind. A labyrinth has only one path to follow and usually repeats itself over and over.

This particular labyrinth is called a seven-cycle labyrinth. It has a large rock in the middle and if you look closely at the design of this labyrinth you will see it is centered around a cross. It’s up to you to interpret the meaning of these things. Also, every rock is different. Just as seen around the world, labyrinths are made of every material, in various sizes, and can be found in every major religion. Labyrinths have been traced back as far as 4000 years yet they are still a mystery.

There is no one purpose for labyrinths and that is the beauty of them. Every person who walks the labyrinth experiences it in a different way. During your walk you may meditate, pray or simply enjoy a stroll, the choice is yours! Every time you walk the labyrinth it will be different and every time you will take something new away with you. So go! Enjoy the labyrinth and start your own spiritual journey!

Our labyrinth and path were planned by Jeff Johnson, Boy Scout Troop 820, as his Eagle Scout Project.  The labyrinth was constructed

by Scouts and Adults of Troop 820 in October 2005.



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